Capability Statement
CMP Engineers was originally established in 1989. The firm specialises in general mechanical design, specialised vehicle design, design audits, testing services, finite-element analysis, failure analysis and accident investigations.

CMP Engineers has carried out design work ranging from fine mechanical devices to large mining structures such as draglines weighing several thousand tonnes.

CMP Engineers can provide independent design audits, failure analysis, accident investigations and testing services.

Understanding design and repair concepts is essential to maximising safety and minimising running costs of plant and equipment. Making Metal Work is a 4 day training course focused on structural failures and repairs.

Mobile Machines
CMP Engineers has the necessary experience in structural design, machinery design, hydraulic and electrical design, and controls design to develop a solution to suit your mobile machinery needs. CMP Engineers has developed a diverse range of specialised equipment, providing solutions to a number of common mobile machinery problems within the mining industry.

CMP Engineers has developed specifications, undertaken design audits and maintenance strategies for several draglines. CMP Engineers have also used FEA modelling programs to perform a structural analysis of dragline booms to determine highly stressed lacings and clusters and to identify any members prone to buckling.

CMP Engineers has developed a suite of software which provide accurate, quantitative solutions to a wide range of hydrological problems. These programs fully utilise the advances in computer graphics to make the results more comprehensible to the client and to accelerate the modelling process, thereby achieving considerable savings.