Design Audits and Specifications
Where a client does not have the necessary expertise in-house, CMP Engineers can provide an independent design audit to ensure the offered product will meet specifications, and to rank competing options on a technical basis.

Failure Analysis
CMP Engineers can carry out a complete analysis of the cause of failure of most equipment and has experience with a wide range of machines.

Finite Element Analysis
CMP Engineers Pty Ltd routinely uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for design, troubleshooting and design auditing, and a high proportion of our staff has considerable experience with the application of FEA in linear, non-linear, dynamic and thermal analysis. We also have experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics and Discrete Element Modelling.

Testing Services
In order to solve certain problems, real data may be required. CMP Engineers can determine the data needed, design and implement the measuring system, and analyse the data in order to solve the problem.

Accident Investigation
CMP Engineers can also offer advice on the cause of various accidents including industrial accidents and vehicle collisions. A report based on expert analysis will be prepared and if necessary expert testimony can be provided.