CMP Engineers has been working in the field of surface water hydrology since 1991.  The company has undertaken a number of major projects including the modelling of the design of the drainage scheme for the Selkirk, Haughton and Relift sections of the Burdekin Irrigation Area near Barratta Creek, and a flood study of the Pioneer River to assist in a disaster management plan for the Mackay City Council.  These studies were undertaken using software developed by CMP Engineers.

CMP has been extensively involved in the development of hydrological models of Queensland catchments for the Water Resource Plans being developed by the Department of Environment and Resource Management using the Integrated Quantity Quality Model (IQQM).  Models were developed for the Dawson, Callide, Lower Fitzroy, Cooper and Condamine-Balonne catchments.  The Condamine-Balonne model is the basis of the Resource Operations Plan and the Cap Model for the catchment. It has been used for the Murray-Darling Basin Sustainable Yield assessment undertaken by CSIRO and was also used by the MDBA in the modeling for the development of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

All of the hydrologic modelling has been undertaken by Dr Paul Harding who has over 35 years experience in hydrological modelling.  CMP is committed to producing work of the highest standard and working closely with our clients to find the best solution to their hydrological problem.

Areas of Expertise

CMP Engineers can provide specialist assistance in the following areas of hydrological engineering:

Water Resource System Analysis

CMP can analyse water resource systems ranging from large-scale catchments such as the Condamine-Balonne catchment, to smaller scale systems such as farm dams or mine dams. The analysis can be used to estimate the reliability of supply under different management scenarios as well as the environmental impact of diversions, so that the efficiency of the water use can be maximised while keeping the impact to a minimum.

Catchment Hydrology

The fundamental basis of hydrological studies is catchment hydrology.  CMP can undertake the estimation of design flows for flood studies using flood frequency analysis or using runoff-routing models.  Daily stream flow sequences can also be estimated using rainfall-runoff models.  The impact of climate change can also be factored into these analyses.

Flooding Studies

CMP provides a comprehensive service to clients to help them deal with their flooding problems.  The first step is to understand the problem, usually by collecting as much historical information as possible and then developing an appropriate model to analyse the problem. Once the model has been calibrated to the historical data, it can be used to investigate the cause of the flooding problem and to fully explore the various options to mitigate the impact of the flooding.  CMP believes that its role is to help the client develop the most cost-effective way of dealing with the problem.

Estuarine Studies

Developments in an estuary can have major impacts on the tidal conditions in an estuary causing problems with siltation and bank slumping.  Using well-designed models, CMP can investigate the impact of changes to the tidal conditions in an estuary and test options for mitigating these changes.

Water Quality Studies

The quantity of water (or lack thereof) is only one consideration as the quality of the water for human use as well as for environmental uses, can be the primary concern.  By developing relevant water quality models, CMP can assess the impact of inflows and discharges on the quality of the receiving waters.

Sediment Transport Studies

Another area of concern is the modification of stream sediment transport processes by sand and gravel extraction and channel dredging, which can result in problems with bank slumping.  An appropriate model can be used to estimate the impact of modifications and to develop strategies for minimising the adverse impacts of these activities.

Mine Dam Simulation

The methods described above can easily be used to investigate the water systems for mines.  CMP can estimate the peak flows for major floods as well as investigate how to manage the water during the dry spells.

Expert Testimony

CMP can provide expert advice in legal cases involving the impact of flooding or relating to water allocations.

Public Consultation

The modelling is only the first part of the work.  The most important part is making sure that the results of the modelling are understood by the client, by other stakeholders and if necessary, by the public.  CMP has many years of experience in providing advice to clients that meets their needs.

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