Swing Wheel Low Loaders
SW450 Swing Wheel Low Loader
The SW450 swing wheel low loader is a relatively small advance from the previous SW385 swing wheel low loader, with the SW450 being a 450 tonne capacity machine using Caterpillar 793 hubs on the trailer, and being towed by a Caterpillar 793.

SW385 Swing Wheel Low Loader
The SW385 Swing Wheel Low Loader is based around the design of the SW300 Swing Wheel Low Loader, with the additional payload capacity derived from a larger float area and the use of larger tyres and hubs.

SW300 Swing Wheel Low Loader
On mining sites, there is a need for rubber-tyred low-loaders to move large items of equipment from one part of the site to another. This is particularly the case for crawler-mounted equipment, where excessive undercarriage wear can occur during extended travel.