SW450 Swing Wheel Low Loader
The SW450 swing wheel low loader is a relatively small advance from the previous SW385 swing wheel low loader, which is a 385 tonne capacity machine using Caterpillar 793 hubs on the trailer, and being towed by a Caterpillar 789. By using the rear of this low loader in its entirety, extending the deck by about 3 metres to distribute the extra load to the prime mover axles, and providing a slightly larger gooseneck, the SW450 low loader is capable of handling a 450 tonne payload, and is towed by a converted Caterpillar 793 prime mover.

The Swing Wheel low loader is a rear-loading heavy equipment low loader, with a unique, patented method of swinging the wheels aside to permit loading on a fixed, inbuilt ramp at the rear of the machine. The wheel action is particularly simple, involving merely a rotation of the “swing arms” supporting the wheels about a single pin. This pin is inclined in two planes to produce the required motion of lifting the wheels off the ground, while maintaining the wheels in a near-vertical plane for ease of tyre change out. The swing arms are positively located in place by a 'twist-lock' arrangement driven by hydraulic cylinders.

During this swinging action, the low loader is secured by the park brakes of the prime mover and the jacks contacting the ground adjacent to the swing arms. At no time is the rear of the trailer unsecured – either the trailer brakes are fully locked on, or the jacks or underside of the ramp, are loaded against the ground. This allows safe unloading of the machine on sloping ground, as there is no position where the rear of the trailer is not safely secured from unexpected motion, by either the jacks, or by the rear wheels, which remain locked by the park brakes throughout the swinging process.

There has been considerable effort applied to the design of this machine, with the key priorities being high reliability and maintainability. The use of Caterpillar parts has been maximized in this design. This improves the availability of spare parts and ensures a quick turnaround in the event of parts required for maintenance purposes.

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Machine Specifications:
SW450 Swing Wheel Low Loader
Prime Mover: Caterpillar 793
450 tonne
Top Speed (unloaded):
39 km/h (assuming 2.5% rolling resistance)
Top Speed (loaded): 20 km/h (deliberately restricted)
Tyres: 50/80 R57 (or optional 40R57)
Trailer Hubs: Caterpillar 793D
Working Height: 6.5 m (Unloaded)
Operating Width: 10.4 m (Light Clearance)
Low Loader Width: 10.4 m
Overall Length: 38.6 m
Typical Loading Cycle: 10 minutes
Turning Circle: Radius: 25 m, Diameter: 50 m