Specialised Equipment
Chute Change Out Scissor Lift
Designed by CMP Engineers, the Schenck Process ProLift is a self propelled, rail mounted, scissor lift.

Pile Wrapping Gantry
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal were looking for a significant change in their old practice of painting the piles supporting the jetty structure. CMP Engineers has designed the mechanical systems for a Pile Wrapping Gantry machine supplied by John Holland Group.

Shiploader Access System
Design of Shiploader Access System for Shark Bay Resources in Western Australian, which involved FEA structural analysis, selection of all major components and design of control system.

Oil Cooled Conveyor Brake
CMP Engineers have adapted oil-cooled multi-plate disc brakes from CATERPILLAR(R) trucks to torque-arm mounted brakes for use underground wherever they are required to control belt dynamics during stopping.

Track Wind-up Machine
When large crawler tracks have been laid out straight for maintenance and repair, the process for winding them into a spiral for transport in a compact state can be time consuming and hazardous.