Specialised Trailers
105 Tonne Rear Dump Trailer
CMP Engineers provided the complete design and detailing of a 105 tonne rear dump trailer to be used for the transport of waste products associated with the steel making process.

Specialised Road Trailer
The 20 tonne rear-tip road trailer was designed to maximise payload volume to carry low density scrap metal. The chassis was also designed to provide a torsionally stiff base to improve stability tipping in high winds.

220 Tonne Coal Hauler
The optimum design of the coal hauler was achieved using a finite element model to identify areas of high stress. Strain Gauge measurements were subsequently carried out to verify the design.

160 Tonne Coal Hauler
This design was a scaled down version of the 220 tonne hauler in some areas, but because of the different dimensional requirements, other sections of the trailer were of a unique design.

Booster Drive Hauler
The Booster drive system is designed to enhance the gradient-climbing and traction capability of a trailer-type coal hauler by driving the trailer axle hydrostatically from a power pack mounted on the prime mover.