160 Tonne Coal Hauler

This design was a scaled down version of the 220 tonne hauler in some areas, but because of the different dimensional requirements, other sections of the trailer were of a unique design. As for the larger trailer, the entire hauler was modelled using Finite Element Analysis, and the fatigue life was assessed using the latest fatigue design codes. Considerable use of castings was made in order to eliminate complex welded joints. Nine units have been constructed.

The design uses an open I-beam hitch (patented by CMP Engineers), which provides high fatigue strength with minimum weight, as it is easy to perform high quality welds on this type of structure.  High strength, low alloy steel is used for the main wear and impact surfaces, with the remaining steel being 350 MPa grade.

Material hang-up in the hopper has been minimised by use of curved corner fillet plates throughout the hopper to eliminate tight corners.

Considerable attention was paid to features which minimise and simplify maintenance, such as ensuring easy access to serviceable parts, and sitting as many of the serviceable items on the prime mover instead of the trailer.

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