220 Tonne Coal Hauler

The optimum design of the coal hauler was achieved using a finite element model to identify areas of high stress. Strain Gauge measurements were subsequently carried out to verify the design. The problems identified with existing coal haulers were addressed in the design. Detailed drawings of the vehicle components were produced by linking the finite element model to the CAD drafting system. Twenty of these machines have been constructed with the oldest exceeding 60,000 hours of operation to date.

High strength, low alloy steel is used for the main wear and impact surfaces, with the remaining steel being 350 MPa grade.

Material hang-up in the hopper has been minimised by use of curved corner fillet plates throughout the hopper so as to eliminate tight corners.

The design uses an open I-beam hitch (patented by CMP Engineers), which provides high fatigue strength with minimum weight, as it is easy to perform high quality welds on this type of structure.

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