Specialised Road Trailer

The 20 tonne rear-tip road trailer was designed to maximise payload volume to carry low density scrap metal.  The chassis was also designed to provide a torsionally stiff base to improve stability tipping in high winds.

Rear dump trailers for road trucks are very common with many different designs available on the market.  The majority are designed for earth moving. These trailers are unsuitable for the Metalcorp application as they are designed for different types of earth and rock which are much denser than the light gauge scrap metal found in such items as old fridges and car bodies. These light materials necessitate a much larger volume than conventional trailers.

High strength, low alloy steel is used throughout both the hopper and chassis.  The use of this material in the hopper is particularly important to accommodate the high contact stresses associated with the point contacts often experienced when transporting these materials.

The entire trailer was modelled using Finite Element Analysis to optimise the strength while minimising the structural weight.

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